Usoftgaming’s core Live Blackjack game offers the purest blackjack for your players, they will surely enjoy our clear full screen HD experience!

Enjoy all the benefits of blackjack with all the features like Double Down or Peaking for a Blackjack before the hand begins and Insurance or Surrender, with full screen mode and the HD quality of our stream your players will feel like they are sitting in the casino. We offer 7 seats per table allowing players to sit and enjoy the game from their chosen seat. Our professional and charismatic dealer’s welcome your players and interact with them throughout the entire blackjack experience. Our easy to use interface allows players to place their bets as players try beat the dealers hand!
VIP CASHBACKUsoftgaming has the tools for operators to cater to their VIP’s with instant cash back on their losing hand(s). How do you get cash back on your losses? Simple, ask your operator what it takes to become a VIP member and get the special badge, this way other players can see your status (your players will advertise your VIP memberships with visible badges next to their player name), and at the same time allows them to bet at a higher stakes blackjack tables to be eligible for instant cash back.
What player wouldn’t prefer to play on a table that literally takes care of them live, gets paid on every loss and allows them to use, access and bet the amount they receive back the very next hand. Acquire more VIP’s from your player list, give instant added value to your existing VIP’s and give them the overall VIP treatment they deserve.
Usoftgaming Live Blackjack is the purest, highest quality stream and entertaining online Live Blackjack game available. Optimized perfectly for the best player experience, Usoftgaming’s Live Blackjack is world class and is a must for operators looking to offer a premium blackjack product to their players.