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Cloud securely delivers the highest quality on-demand and live video experiences to reach your players.

30 video streaming CDN locations worldwide.

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Mutil Languages Support

Spanish, English, Russian, French, Czech, Finish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Swedish, Norwegian, Hebrew, Greek, Italian, German, Turkish, Thai, Chinese Traditional, Polish, Vietnamese and Indonesian.

Mutil Currencies Support
Dollar USD
Euro EUR
Russian Ruble RUB
no currency NONE
Canadian Dollar CAD
Pound Sterling GBP
Turkish lira TRY
Mexican Peso MXN
Malaysian Ringgit MYR
Thai Baht THB
Argentine Peso ARS
Venezuelan Bolivar VEF
Australian dollar AUD
New Zealand dollar NZD
Singapore dollar SGD
Danish krone DKK
Norwegian krone NOK
Chinese yuan CNY
Swedish krona SEK
Hong Kong dollar HKD
Polish zloty PLN
Czech koruna CZK
Taiwan dollar TWD
Philippine peso PHP
Japanese yen JPY
South Korean won KRW
Indonesian rupiah IDR
Swiss franc CHF
Iranian rial IRR
Uruguayan Peso UYU
Chilean Peso CLP
Peruvian Nuevo Sol PEN
Colombian Peso COP
Israeli new shekel ILS
Dominican peso DOP
Nicaraguan cordoba NIO
Mili Bitcoin mBTC
South African rand ZAR
Vietnamese dong VND
Paraguayan Guarani PYG
Bolivian Boliviano BOB
Bangladeshi Taka BDT
Ugandan shilling UGX
Brazilian real BRL
Ukrainian Hryvnia UAH
United Arab Emirates dirham AED
Albanian lek ALL
Armenian dram AMD
Angolan kwanza AOA
Azerbaijani manat AZN
Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark BAM
Bulgarian lev BGN
Bahraini dinar BHD
New Belarusian ruble BYN
Congolese franc CDF
Algerian dinar DZD
Egyptian pound EGP
Ethiopian birr ETB
Georgian lari GEL
Ghanaian cedi GHS
Croatian kuna HRK
Haitian gourde HTG
Hungarian forint HUF
Indian rupee INR
Icelandic króna ISK
Jordanian dinar JOD
Kenyan shilling KES
Kyrgyzstani som KGS
Kuwaiti dinar KWD
Kazakhstani tenge KZT
Moroccan dirham MAD
Moldovan leu MDL
Macedonian denar MKD
Myanmar kyat MMK
Mongolian tögrög MNT
Mozambican metical MZN
Nigerian naira NGN
Omani rial OMR
Qatari riyal QAR
Romanian leu RON
Serbian dinar RSD
Saudi riyal SAR
Sudanese pound SDG
Tajikistani somoni TJS
Turkmenistani manat TMT
Tunisian dinar TND
Tanzanian shilling TZS
Uzbekistan som UZS
Zambian kwacha ZMW
Zimbabwean dollar ZWL
Mili Monero mXMR
Over 250M transactions

Rock solid API with encrypted hash and signature calls makes every call to your system any where in the word fast and secure.

Cloud Infrastructure Network

Get repeatability, massive scalability and high reliability.

Dedicated Network Backbone

Fully Redundant Architecture

SSAE 16 Certified Compliance

Advanced Security

Usoftgaming has created its own live dealer studioA new flavor for your players worldwide!
Here’s what we’re working on and thinking.

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Live casino

Usoftgaming offers a state of the art casino for your players, offering games like: Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Casino Hold’em

Sexy Live casino

Usoftgaming offers your players a new spicy way to play, our sexy live dealers will keep you players entertained without losing any game integrity

Sexy Slots

Our exclusive adult content, will keep your clients coming back for more!

API Integrations

Offer our games on your site for your players now! We have the solution for you.

Kiosk Solutions

If your looking for a full turn key solution or simply add our games to your kiosks, we have the solution for you!

Our Team

Our team has been in the online gaming space for over 18 years. Usoftgaming has the experience and creativity to assure and maintain success!

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Do you want to get into the live casino space? We can license our software and with our team we will be able to support you to assure your success!

Adult Tables and Games

Unique casino tables.

Pornstar Events

If you want a specific adult actrice or actor to appear live in the casino and deal/entertain your players, we can make it happen!